Caring for those who are hurting, creating healthy relationships and reaching out
to people in our communities: these challenges are faced by churches
across Australia. How can God’s people best respond?

Short Courses equip ministry staff and church members to care for those facing mental health challenges and to create healthy and helpful relationships with people in our communities.

NEW! Short Courses are now available to be run off-site, in addition to being run regularly at Anglican Deaconess Ministries.

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Mental Health Masterclass

The Mental Health Masterclass provides a theological and practical framework for ministers who want to navigate mental illness and church life with wisdom.


Relating Across Cultures

A unique, practical 1-day course to equip all church members to relate in helpful and meaningful ways with friends and neighbours from other cultures.

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Mental Health 101

From anxiety to personality disorders, Mental Health 101 is an overview of common mental health challenges, the mental health system and how the church can best respond.


Understanding Depression

This short course will help leaders and church workers alike better understand what depression is, how it can be treated, how to support someone who has depression, some of the social and cultural impacts upon mental health, and what Christian faith and our Christian communities can offer in the midst of this struggle.


Anxiety and Stress

This short course helps participants understand the causes and symptoms of anxiety, what the Bible says about anxiety, symptoms and treatments for anxiety, and strategies that assist us and others to manage stress and anxiety.


Care 101

This short course introduces and strengthens specific skills for effective and healthy caring relationships that honour Christ.

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Core Strength: Managing Stress and Building Resilience

This course explores how to understand stress, our response to it, and how to grow in resilience. Ministers, lay leaders and church workers alike will benefit from Core Strength.