Raising Resilient Parents is a new course designed to help first-time parents feel more confident, positive and connected.


resilient: adj.

(from Latin resilient- ‘leaping back’) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions, ability to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching; synonyms, flexible, strong, pliable.

Through the collaborative efforts of Sarah Condie, Co-Director of ADM’s Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute, and Lyn Worsley, a leading clinical psychologist and Director of the Resilience Centre in Sydney, Raising Resilient Parents is a practical accessible course that is already helping many parents.

With a grant from Fuller Seminary in the United States, Lyn and Sarah developed a 10-month program for first-time mums to be run in a church setting. It includes a four-week intensive course for both parents to attend and focuses uniquely on developing resilience in parents while helping them to adjust to the significant change in their lives. By including the course into the program for first-time mums, it offers participants the opportunity to connect with other new mums who attend their local church.

The Raising Resilient Parents course covers the following topics:

1.     Understanding resilience using the ‘Resilience Doughnut’ framework;

2.     Using solution-focused language and building optimistic thinking;

3.     The development of moral reasoning and the theory of attachment; and

4.     Setting a vision for the family’s future.

The course has been successfully trialled at Church by the Bridge in Kirribilli, Sydney, where Sarah is the part-time Women’s Minister and Lyn is also a congregation member. Now, thanks to an extended grant from Fuller Seminary in the United States, Sarah and Lyn can provide a scholarship to train a small number of other women to run this course in their own church.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about the course.