Relating Across Cultures

COURSE DATE: coming soon


A unique, practical 1-day course to equip all church members to relate in helpful and meaningful ways with friends and neighbours from other cultures.

  • Develop an appreciation of the range and depth of cultural differences.

  • Deepen your understanding of your own worldviews and cultural preferences.

  • Improve your cross-cultural competence in sharing the Bible as you engage friends and people in your community.

The course has been developed by the expert CMS team at St Andrew's Hall Training College Melbourne.

Course content:

  1. Behaviour: ways of behaving; different not wrong; suspend judgement

  2. Values: interpreting values; the impact of culture on relationships (overview of Erin Meyer); shame and honour; indirect speech; high-low context

  3. Lunch break: We will share a meal from a different culture, eaten sitting on the floor and using bread or hands to eat. This is a time to ask questions and share experiences.

  4. Beliefs: Forming beliefs (no blank slates); Belong, behave, believe – the discipleship road

  5. Underlying reality: Fear and power

Who is this course for:

All church members

Course presenters:

Isabel Dale, Louise Simon and Claire Livingstone, St Andrew’s Hall, CMS Australia

CMS’ Training & Development Team at St Andrew’s Hall lead CMS’s residential mission training course and promote mission education around Australia. The team helps missionaries-in-training to prepare for long-term mission, deepening their understanding of the gospel and the biblical basis for mission before they travel overseas. They also develop intellectual, spiritual and practical skills for communicating the gospel across cultures.

Course dates:

This course is not yet scheduled. If you are interested in attending this course at ADM, please let us know: