Core Strength: Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Course Date: coming soon

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The demands of life have an impact our bodies and our minds that we’re not always aware of.  Some people, though, seem more able to bounce back from challenges than others. What’s their secret? This course explores how to understand stress, our response to it, and how to grow in resilience. Specifically, we’ll look at the impact of chronic stress, how to understand resilience and finally, how to make use of resources that build resilience spiritually, physically, intellectually, relationally and emotionally. Ministers, lay leaders and church workers alike will benefit from Core Strength.

Course content:

  • Understanding mental wellbeing

  • Understanding stress:

    • The physiology of stress

    • External and internal stressors

    • Individual responses to stress

    • Acute vs chronic stress

    • The impact of chronic stress

  • Understanding resilience

  • Building resilience

    • Understanding who we are as people

    • The importance of self-awareness

    • The importance of personal & time management

    • Accessing a range of resources – spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, emotional


Who is this course for:

Suitable for ministry staff and all church members


Course presenters:

Keith Condie Co-Director, Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute
Other presenters subject to availability

Course dates:

This course is not yet scheduled. If you are interested in attending this course at ADM, please let us know: