For 15 years, Sarah & Rev. Dr. Keith Condie have been leading marriage workshops. Now they have drawn from their experiences and teaching to develop an interactive new course: Building a Safe & Strong Marriage. The course gives couples the opportunity to stop and focus on their marriage and how to make it better.


Building a Safe & Strong Marriage is unique in that it combines strong biblical content with significant insights from marriage research. The sessions include input from Sarah and Keith, along with interviews from six couples who bring over 150 years of accumulated marriage experience as they share wisdom and insights from their marriages. The course also includes some role playing scenarios with professional actors, and activities for couples to work through together.

It is our hope that each couple completing this course will come away with the sense that their marriage is stronger and healthier, that the information and activities in the course would draw a couple closer to each other, enabling them to feel safe, to share honestly and to support each other through the challenges of life that we all face. Ultimately, we hope the legacy of this course will bring blessing to all who are influenced by these safe and strong marriages.

Sarah and Rev. Dr. Keith Condie