Mental Health 101

COURSE DATE: coming soon!

An overview of common mental health disorders, how the mental health system works in Australia, the role of the church, and how to respond to a crisis.


Course content:

Seven crucial topics make up the course content for Mental Health 101:

  1. Mental health as a continuum

  2. The prevalence of mental health disorders

  3. A Christian perspective on mental health

  4. Common mental health conditions:

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Bipolar disorder

    • Trauma & stress-related disorders

    • Psychosis/schizophrenia

    • Substance abuse

    • Eating disorders

    • Personality disorders

  5. Managing suicide risk and responding to mental health crises

  6. Understanding and engaging with the mental health system in Australia

  7. The role of the church

Who is this course for:

Suitable for all church members seeking to understand the needs of those within their communities.

Course presenter:

Keith Condie Co-Director, Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute



Course dates:

This course is not yet scheduled. If you are interested in attending this course at ADM, please let us know: